Developing the creative innovators of tomorrow.

We are a Training and Consultancy organization supporting Corporates & Individuals gain more from everything they do and prepare to do, quintessentially becoming more effective. We believe in building on existing knowledge and experiences to create long-lasting effects. Our services are diverse but have three things in common – they are driven by new concepts, practical application of knowledge& bottom line results for the organization, the tools and approaches we utilize are directly implementable. This way we empower individuals, organizations and networks to increase their positive social impact

Our Mission

To be the global provider of choice in Training and consulting, to deliver innovative, value-driven & customized solutions that are aligned to the specific needs of individuals and Corporates.

Our Services

We recognize that organizations cannot face today’s challenges with yesterday’s methods and remain in business tomorrow. To achieve business excellence, organizations require innovative and practical solutions tailored to fit their specific needs. As such, Innovate6sigma provides solutions that cater to our clients’ specific needs, always endeavoring to deliver solutions that are practical, workable and robust whilst maintaining the overall philosophy of “keeping things simple”.

How do we benefit your organization?

We work with you to understand the business processes and your team competencies.

We imbibe your organization’s culture and value to deliver the best solutions

We deliver the highest quality at a reasonable cost

We work with your organization’s bottom line results in mind

We believe that your satisfaction is our responsibility

Our team of professional are experienced and qualified to work in the most challenging situations